Next mega-deal: Houston Texans extend with Deshaun Watson

After Patrick Mahomes, the second superstar quarterback from the 2017 draft has also signed his monster contract: Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans agreed on a four-year contract extension.

Consistent reports suggest that Watson raked in up to $ 160 million over those four years. Of this, $ 111 million should be guaranteed. Both total volume and guarantees would be a new record deal, apart from Mahomes.

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However, the two contracts are designed fundamentally differently. Mahomes has a higher average salary ($ 45 million) than Watson ($ 39 million), but he’s also stuck with the Chiefs for ten years.

In comparison, Watson’s contract is more traditional – with one clear goal: After only four years he can come back on the market and sign another major contract.

So it is quite possible that Watson will earn more than Mahomes over the ten years, if Mahomes plays his contract as it currently stands. Watson, like his Chiefs counterpart in KC, is still tied to the Texans under his rookie contract for the next two years. Then the new deal takes effect.

Watson is now under contract in Houston through 2025.

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