Tennis: US Open 2020, Live on TV and LiveStream

The first edition of this tournament was held in 1881. In those early days it was organized in Newport and only a men’s tournament was held. At the time, this event was officially the US National Tennis Championship. The vast majority of the participants were American in that period, but in the first edition a non-American participant made it to the final. That was the Briton William Glyn, who lived in America. He lost the final to the American Richard Sears.


In 1903, the Briton Laurence Doherty was the first non-American to win this tournament. The second non-American was the legendary Frenchman René Lacoste, who triumphed in 1926 and 1927. In the twenties of the twentieth century, the tournament had grown into a truly international event and a women’s tournament was also linked to it. In the meantime, the tournament had also been given a new location: the tennis park in Forest Hills, in Queens (New York). That would remain the permanent location of the event until 1977.

Surface: grass, gravel and hard court

Originally this tennis tournament was played on grass courts. In the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, grass was the logical surface on which by far the most top tournaments in tennis were played. However, grass has many disadvantages as a tennis surface. Grass courts wear out quickly, maintenance is expensive and labor-intensive. In addition, a tennis ball bounces less high on a grass court than on other surfaces, which reduces the fun of tennis for many. Therefore, in the second half of the twentieth century, all kinds of other surfaces have emerged strongly in the world of tennis, which have chased the grass from the vast majority of tennis parks.

Such a revolution also took place in the Forest Hills tennis park, where the US Open was played. Until 1974, tennis was played on grass, but from 1975 the grass courts had been replaced by gravel. In 1978 the US Open Tennis moved to another tennis park: Flushing Meadows. The courts there have hard court as a surface. That tennis park has remained the permanent location of the tournament ever since and the surface of the US Open has always remained hard court ever since. Jimmy Connors delivered a remarkable performance. He is the only player who managed to win the US Open on all three surfaces: grass, clay and hard court.

Tennis: US Open 2020

In 2020, many top players will not participate in the main tournament of the US Open, partly due to the corona virus. Top players who do participate in the men’s singles in New York include Novak Djokovic, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Daniiel Medvedev, Dominic Thiem and Alexander Zverev. Top players competing in the women’s singles include Serena Williams, Karolina Pliskova, Naomi Osaka and Sofia Kenin. The total prize money of this tennis tournament is more than 50 million dollars.

The Dutch at the US Open 2020

Which Dutch people participate in the US Open 2020? Unfortunately Kiki Bertens is not participating. She had originally registered, but because of the corona crisis in the United States, she decided not to travel to this American tennis tournament. Arantxa Rus does participate in the women’s singles in New York. Prominent Dutch participants in the doubles include Wesley Koolhof (men’s doubles) and Demi Schuurs (women’s doubles).

Program Arantxa Rus

The Dutch Arantxa Rus played in the first round of the US Open 2020 against Ann Li (USA), the draw has shown. Rus was the favorite for the victory in this game. After all, Arantxa Rus is in 72nd place in the world ranking and Li is in 133rd place of that ranking. The game between Li and Rus was scheduled for Monday, August 31, 2020 as the last game of Court 12. The game of Arantxa Rus could be viewed on the internet via a Eurosport livestream. Rus unfortunately lost in three sets.

Participants Belgium: wild card for Kim Clijsters

A big name on the list of participants is Kim Clijsters. This Belgian star made her comeback in global professional tennis in 2020. Kim Clijsters participates in the tournament on the basis of a wild card. Other Belgian participants in the women’s singles are Kirsten Flipkens, Alison van Uytvanck, Ysaline Bonaventure and Yanina Wickmayer. The Belgian David Goffin participates in the men’s singles.

Goffin program

On Monday, August 31, David Goffin played in the first round against Opelka (USA). This was the final game of that Monday at Court 17. He won this game 7-6 3-6 6-1 and 6-4. On Wednesday, September 2, he played his game in the second round against Harris. The Belgian won in four sets and thus qualified for the third round. Goffin beat Krajinovic in three sets in the next round and qualified for the eighth finals.

Program Kim Clijsters

Kim Clijsters did not find an easy draw with her comeback at the US Open. Clijsters’ opponent was Yekaterina Aleksandrova from Russia, the number 27 in the world ranking. This match in the first round was scheduled for Tuesday, September 1. Clijsters-Alexandrova was the last match scheduled on Court 11. For the viewers in Belgium, the match could be seen in the night from Tuesday September 1 to Wednesday September 2. This match of Kim Clijsters could of course be seen live on TV at the Belgian Eurosport, but could also be viewed via a live stream from Eurosport. Clijsters unfortunately lost this match in three sets.

Belgian women program?

When do the other Belgian ladies play? Minnen played against Vondrousova on Monday, August 31. Minnen lost in straight sets. Flipkens played against Peterson on that Monday. She won in two sets. Van Uytvanck played against Ciorgi that day. The Belgian lost in three sets. Mertens played against Siegemund on Tuesday, September 1. She won in two sets. Bonaventure played against Zhang on that Tuesday. She won in three sets. Wickmayer will play against Kenin on Tuesday, September 1. This Belgian lost in two sets. On September 2, Flipkens played her game in the second round; she lost and is therefore eliminated in singles. In the second round, Flipkens was eliminated in straight sets. Benaventure was also eliminated in that round. Elise Mertens, on the other hand, won in the second round. She also won in the third round.

Some of the Belgian matches can be seen live on TV. In any case, all these matches of the Belgian ladies at the US Open can be viewed online via a Eurosport livestream .

Program semifinals and final US Open 2020

When are the semifinals and finals played in singles? On Thursday, September 10, you can watch the semi-finals in the women’s singles live. The semi-finals of the men’s singles are scheduled for Friday 11 September. The final of the women’s singles will be played on Saturday 12 September. The final of the men’s singles will take place on Sunday 12 September. Due to the time difference between the Netherlands and New York, the semi-finals of the doubles in the Netherlands can be seen in the evening and the semi-finals of the singles can only be seen live at night. The final of the men’s singles can be seen live on the evening of September 13 from approximately 10:00 PM (Dutch time).

US Open 2020 live on TV: Eurosport

On which channel can the main tournament of the US Open 2020 in the Netherlands and Belgium be seen live? For both countries, the broadcasting rights of the US Open 2020 (live TV and livestream) are held by Eurosport . They broadcast the US Open live on their channels Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2. Eurosport 1 is the main network that is included in most standard TV packages. Eurosport 2 is not included in the standard package for most Dutch and Flemish TV viewers, but it is usually available in an extra TV package. In various previous editions, people could enjoy live broadcasts (TV and livestream) of the qualifying tournament on this sports broadcaster in the week prior to the main tournament. Due to the corona virus, that qualifying tournament will be canceled in 2020.

Eurosport broadcast schedule: Tennis US Open 2020

Due to the large time difference between the Netherlands and the United States, many live TV broadcasts for Dutch and Flemish viewers take place in the evening and at night. Below you will find a provisional broadcast schedule of the tennis tournament. This schedule is still subject to change. In this diagram, E1 stands for the TV channel Eurosport1, E2 is the abbreviation of the subscriber channel Eurosport2.

At the same time as the Tour de France: starting times of tennis at E1 are therefore always subject to change

Please note: at what time the broadcasts of the US Open on the Eurosport 1 channel cannot be said very precisely in 2020. The broadcasts start every afternoon after the live broadcast of the Tour de France 2020 (which after all is also broadcast live on TV and via livestream by Eurosport every year). If such a Tour stage takes some time, the broadcast of the tennis will start a little later than planned.

US Open live on TV and livestream at Eurosport: first week

  • Ma. 31 August: 5:00 PM E2 and live stream, at 5:30 PM on E1
  • Tue. September 1: 5:00 pm E2 and live stream, at 5:40 pm on E1
  • Wed. September 2: at 5:00 pm on E2 and live stream, 5:45 pm on E1
  • Do. September 3: 5PM E2 and live stream, at 5:15 PM on E1
  • Fr. September 4: 4:50 PM E2 and live stream, at 5:45 PM on E1
  • Sat. 5 September: 4:50 PM E2 and live stream, at 5:30 PM on E1
  • So. September 6: 4:50 PM E1 and live stream, at 6:00 PM on E2


US Open live on TV and livestream at Eurosport: second week

  • Ma. September 7: 5:00 pm on E1 and live stream, at 6:00 pm on E2
  • Tue. September 8: 5:50 PM on E1, E2 and livestream
  • Wed. September 9: 6:00 pm on E1 and live stream
  • Do. September 10: 6:00 pm on E1 and live stream
  • Fr. September 11: 6:00 pm on E1 and live stream
  • Sat. September 12: 6:00 pm on E1 and live stream
  • So. September 13: 7:00 pm on E1 and live stream


Live on TV at Sporza?

In the past, the US Open in Belgium was also often broadcast live on TV by the public broadcaster VRT (Sporza) . In 2020, however, the US Open cannot be seen live on TV at Sporza. The Dutch NOS Studio Sport also sometimes broadcast matches live on TV (especially with Dutch successes) of the US Open. However, in 2020 the NOS does not have the live TV broadcasting rights (TV and livestream) of this tournament.

Live stream US Open 2020

Live stream US Open on Eurosport Player

The US Open 2020 can be followed online via a live stream from the Eurosport. This allows you to watch the US Open live on a computer (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.). The stream is available on the Eurosport Player App every match day. To watch a live stream on that app, however, one must have a (paid) subscription to this Eurosport service. The Eurosport Player App usually offers very interesting options per live stream for the avid fans of tennis. For example, you can also watch all games of the US Open via live stream that are not broadcast on television. Eurosport Player also offers separate subscriptions for tennis fans. This means that you can watch every Grand Slam tournament in tennis via the live stream and you do not need to take out a complete ‘Player subscription’.

Livestream US Open Tennis via Go App (all EU)

You can also watch the live TV broadcasts of Eurosport at this US Open via a live stream on the Go App (online TV) . That app is from VodafoneZiggo. However, with this one can only see the matches that can be seen live on TV. The other matches, which can only be viewed per livestream on the Eurosport Player, cannot be viewed via a stream on the Ziggo Go App. The advantage of the live streams on the Go App is that Ziggo customers do not have to pay anything to use this service. For them, this is in practice a ‘free’ live stream with which they can watch the most important matches of this US Open online. Every live stream of the US Open Tennis 2020 on that app can be watched across the EU.

Livestream US Open at NLziet? No

Is it possible to watch US Open tennis matches live on the NLziet app? No, the channels that participate in that media platform (Talpa, NPO and RTL Nederland) do not have the live broadcasting rights (TV and livestream) of the US Open 2020 (tennis).

Live stream iTV app

Partly due to the success of the Ziggo Go App, KPN has also developed a similar app for its customers. It is intended for customers who have an interactive TV subscription. They don’t have to pay anything extra to be able to pay for this app; in practice, this is therefore also a kind of ‘free live stream’ of the top matches of this tennis tournament. Such a live stream of the TV broadcasts can be viewed by KPN customers throughout the EU. People can download the iTV app on their smartphone so that they can watch TV on that phone via live stream. KPN customers who prefer to watch the live stream on a desktop computer or laptop can log in to the KPN Interactive Tv site and watch the broadcasts of this tennis tournament live via a stream.

Live stream Sporza? No

In previous editions of the US Open Tennis, when Sporza aired this event on TV, they also offered a free live stream of their broadcasts online. This free livestream was also geo-restricted (only in Belgium they could officially watch the free stream of tennis in Flusing Meadows). However, in 2020 Sporza will not have the live broadcasting rights (TV and online) of this event, with the result that they will no longer be able to offer such a free live stream to their Belgian viewers. Since the glory days of Belgian tennis for women have passed (with greats such as Henin and Clijsters at the world top), they broadcast this sport less often live on TV and via the stream.

Livestream NPO (NOS Studio Sport)? No

NOS Studio Sport usually also often offers a free live stream of major sporting events. Can they also find a free live stream of the US Open Tennis 2020? No, they do not have the broadcasting rights (live TV and livestream) of this event and therefore cannot offer a free stream.

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