How To Watch Tour de France 2020 Live on TV And LiveStream

Also, the stages of the Tour de France 2020 can be followed via a live stream on the internet. During the Tour de France 2020, there will be various talk shows about the Tour on TV every evening. The NOS will broadcast the program ‘De Avondetappe’ again. The talk show ‘Vive le Velo’ can be seen at Flemish broadcaster VRT (Sporza). What time do they live TV broadcasts of the stages start? Where can you find a live stream of the Tour de France 2020?

Tour Will Not Start In 2020 Until August 29 Due To The Corona Crisis:

The Tour de France 2020 was originally scheduled to start on June 27. However, in the spring of 2020, it became clear that this round should be postponed due to the coronavirus. As a result of the corona crisis, no major events were allowed to take place in France until mid-July, French president Macron announced on April 13. The Tour organization, therefore, went looking for a new date. Ultimately, Saturday 29 August was chosen as the new start date for this edition of the Tour de France 2020 live.

Tour De France And The Media:

Since the prehistoric times of cycling, there has been a strong link between cycling and the media. The Tour de France, like many famous cycling races, was originally organized by a newspaper (L’Auto). After all, tough cycling races produced beautiful, heroic, and creamy stories for the newspapers. When the radio phenomenon emerged, the Tour de France also formed a close alliance with that medium.

Many generations of Dutch people often had their ears close to the speakers of their radio during the summer holidays, from which the enthusiastic report of the Tour de France was heard by reporters such as Jan Cottaar and Theo Koomen. A strong bond has also developed between the medium of television and the Tour de France. All stages of the Tour will be broadcast live on TV.

Tour de France 2020:

Route Tour 2020:

What does the Tour de France 2020 live route look like? The Tour 2020 stage schedule consists of 21 stages. The 2020 Tour de France starts on Saturday 29 August. The opening ride will take place in and around Nice. There is a lot of climbing in this Tour de France. On the second day, there is already a stage over the Col d’Eze on the program. There is only one time trial in the trip schedule: a climbing time trial on a penultimate day. The Tour ends in Paris on September 20.

Participants: Start List Tour 2020:

The start list of the Tour de France 2020 includes 22 teams of 8 riders. The contenders for the Tour victory include Bernal, Roglic, Pinot, Dumoulin, Landa, and Bardet. The total prize money that can be earned in the Tour de France is more than 2 million euros.

Tour 2020 Integrally On Tv At Eurosport And Tv France:

Over the years, more and more Tour stages have been broadcast integrally on TV (literally from start to finish). Since 2017, the TV production company of the Tour de France 2020 live has offered complete live images of all stages of the Tour. The French public broadcaster has indicated that they will broadcast all stages in full, alternating on their channels France 2 and France 3.

In the Netherlands and Flanders, Eurosport also has a contract to broadcast all stages in full live on TV. They will indeed broadcast the Tour de France almost entirely on TV. The Dutch and Flemish public broadcasters, NOS and Sporza, do not broadcast all stages live in full, but the most important stages do.

Nos: Live Broadcasts And The Evening Stage:

Live broadcasts NOS:

Tour de France 2020 live broadcasts of NOS Studio Sport take place on the NPO1 channel. The commentator is Joris van den, Berg. The co-commentators are Maarten Ducrot and Stef Clement. For years, Herbert Dijkstra was the regular commentator of the NOS on the tour missions. In 2020, however, he will skip the Tour de France due to chronic back pain.

More stages live in full:

The weekday broadcasts of the NOS usually start around 2:20 pm, but the 2020 Tour often deviates from this. No fewer than 10 of the 21 stages will be broadcast live in full (from start to finish). The live broadcast usually starts earlier in these integral broadcasts. (An exception to this is the final stage of the Tour, which is also broadcast live in its entirety, but whose start and therefore the broadcast start later.

The Evening Stage 2020:

In 2016, after a year of absence, the program De Avondetappe returned. Until the 2014 Tour, this successful evening program was always presented by Mart Smeets. In 2015, however, the NOS opted for a different type of program: NOS Studio Tour, which was broadcast much earlier in the evening. Since 2016, the NOS has again opted for a late-night talk show that, just like in the past, will be called De Avondetappe.

Tour de France 2020 live will be broadcast again in 2020, with Dione de Graaff and Herman van der Zandt, among others. The broadcasts of the Evening Stage usually start around 9.30 pm. The first broadcast of the Avondetappe will be on August 29 and will start at 22:00 on the channel Nederland 1 (NPO1).

The Tour De France 2020 Live At Sporza (VRT):

Flemish public broadcaster VRT (Sporza) will again devote extensive attention to the Tour de France in 2020. Besides many Belgians, many Dutch also watch the Tour broadcasts of the cycling-loving Sporza daily. The main commentator for the live TV broadcasts of the stages in this Tour is again Michel Wuyts. Sporza’s tour shipments usually start on the Flemish channel one. Sometimes during the Tour broadcast, for example when there is a news program on channel one, people will temporarily switch to the channel Canvas.

Talk show: Vive le vélo:

Flemish public broadcaster VRT (Sporza) will broadcast the talk show ‘Vive le Velo’ every evening during the Tour de France 2020. The presenter of this program is Karl Vannieuwkerke. The broadcasts take place on the channel VRT one. The first broadcast will start on Saturday, August 29, 2020, at approximately 8:50 PM.

The stages of the Tour live on TV and Livestream:

In 2020, Eurosport will broadcast almost all stages of the Tour de France 2020 live in full (from start to finish) live on TV and via Livestream. In several previous editions, they also broadcast the stages live in full, but this was not always visible to the general public, because these live broadcasts in the first week of the Tour de France often only on the subscriber channel Eurosport2 and online Eurosport Player ( Livestream). However, this was often due to the preference for Eurosport1 for Wimbledon, which was usually held partly at the same time as the Tour de France.

However, this will not be the case in 2020 (because of the corona crisis, the entire sports calendar has been changed: Wimbledon will not be held in 2020 at all and the French national cycling round will only start in August). The consequence of this is that many more riders can be seen live in full on Eurosport1. In 2020, the French cycling race will be at the same time as the US Open (tennis), but due to the time difference between the United States and Europe, this is not a big problem in the programming of this sports broadcaster.

After all, most top tennis matches at that American tournament can be watched in the evening and at night for European sports fans, while the stages of the French cycling round are broadcast in the afternoon.

Broadcast schedule of Live: what time and which channel:

What time do the live broadcasts of all rides in the Tour de France 2020 live start on TV and via the Livestream? At the NOS and Sporza, the live TV broadcasts of flat stages often start around 2.30 pm, the broadcasts of the mountain stages usually start earlier. The schedules of their live TV broadcasts are generally the same in terms of times as their schedules for the live stream. At Eurosport, all stages are broadcast in full by live stream and most of the rides can be seen live on TV from the start to the finish. Below you will find the broadcast schedules per week of this Tour de France.

Livestream Tour De France 2020: Eurosport, Sporza And Nos:

The Tour de France 2020 can also be followed live on the internet via, for example, a Livestream from NPO Start. With such a live stream, you can watch the stages of the Tour de France 2020 online on, for example, a smartphone or laptop or another computer. The live TV broadcasts of the NOS can be viewed free of charge via the streaming service NPO Start. The broadcasts of the NOS during this Tour de France can also be followed via a Livestream on the website of this broadcaster, in the ‘Sport’ section.

Besides, the live stream of the NOS Tour de France 2020 live can also be viewed via the NOS App. The Livestream of NOS Studio Sport is completely free with this Tour de France. However, the live stream of the NOS website is ‘geo-restricted’, which means that this stream of the Tour cannot be viewed in countries other than the Netherlands. This has to do with the fact that NOS Studio Sport only has the online broadcasting rights for a Livestream in the Netherlands at the Tour de France 2020. For other countries, the live stream of the stages of the Tour de France 2020 is ‘geo-blocked’. Usually, the NOS live stream in the Tour de France starts at the same time as the live TV broadcast.

Tour de France 2020 LiveStream via Go App:

It is also possible to follow the Tour de France 2020 live stream from the Go App (online TV). Via this app, you can watch live TV broadcasts online (via a live stream). This includes the live TV broadcasts of the Tour de France with Sporza and NOS, among others. This app with which you can watch TV via Livestream is a product of VodafoneZiggo. Customers of digital TV from Ziggo can view all channels that they can receive on television at home, also on their tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer via a live stream with this app.

Tour de France 2020 live via NLZIET :

The broadcasts of the NOS at the Tour de France can also be viewed via a live stream from NLZIET. Via this service, TV broadcasts can be watched throughout the EU. Anyone who wants to watch a live TV broadcast of the Tour de France via such a stream must have a subscription to that service.

Tour de France 2020 live stream via Interactive TV or iTV:

It is also possible to watch live TV broadcasts of the Tour de France 2020 via a live stream on the ITV app. This is also a service that allows you to watch TV via live streams throughout the EU. This is therefore also a good option for Dutch people who want to watch the live TV broadcasts of the Tour de France by Livestream while on holiday in Europe. Just as the Go App is a Ziggo product, this is a KPN product. Due to the great popularity of the Go App, KPN also wanted to offer its customers a service that allows them to watch TV via Livestream.

On this app, you can also watch all channels per stream, which you can also watch on TV at home. At the KPN, you can watch TV via live stream in two ways: via the ITV app and the Interactive TV site. The ITV app is intended for watching TV by live stream on a smartphone or tablet. One also has the website of Interactive TV, with which one as a customer of digital TV at KPN on a desktop computer or laptop can watch live via a stream to the TV broadcasts (from Sporza, Eurosport, and NOS) of the Tour de France.

Also La Course 2020 per Livestream (ladies competition):

Not only the match for men can be watched live online. The women’s competition La Course was also broadcast by live stream. This one-day race for women is organized by the Tour Organization (ASO). That race will be held on August 29, 2020. This race will be broadcast live on TV and via Livestream by Eurosport, NOS, and Sporza. The Sporza Livestream is free for viewers in Belgium. The NPO Livestream is publicly available for free in the Netherlands. The Eurosport Player Livestream can only be viewed by subscribers to that service but can be viewed throughout the EU.

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